Research Interests

Broadly speaking, as a sociologist, I am interested in how organizations/institutions cope with new social phenomena. Thus, my dissertation is at the intersection of Organizational Theory, Critical Legal Theory, Critical Management Theory, Sociology of Work/Organizations, and Science and Technology Studies.

As a legal scholar, I am interested in how the law might be employed or improved to address new social developments, particularly those arising from technological advancements. Thus, my law scholarship is at the intersection of Law and Technology, Health Law, Privacy Law, Business Law, Anti-discrimination law and ethics.

I have three strains of inter-related and complementary research:

The first strain of my research arises from my dissertation focusing on the formerly incarcerated. In that regard, I am interested in how the State as an institution is delegating the work of reintegrating the formerly incarcerated to the public-private partnerships it has created with reentry organizations. I have published one article in this area and I have a few more in progress. I am also revising my dissertation as a book manuscript.

My second strain of research focuses on accessible genetic testing as a social phenomenon (particularly in regards to employment discrimination) and the response of the law. I’ve published two articles in this area and I have one more article in the conceptualization stage.

The third strain of research stems from my interest in issues in the workplace, particularly in regards to the effects of technology on HR and management practices.