I am admitted to the Bar in California and New York. Prior to my career as a doctoral candidate and law professor, I was a practicing attorney in California, where I worked on business law and intellectual property law cases. I also worked abroad for a multinational IP law firm in Asia focusing on intellectual property law.

I am an avid reader who equally enjoys literary fiction, self-help business books, legal mysteries (real or fictional), as well as science fiction. I’m also a fan of independent & foreign film, electronic music, jazz, African music, and Latin dance. I was born in Nigeria and I speak and write fluent Igbo. I studied French for several years, then spent a year studying & teaching abroard in Bordeaux, France and I speak near fluent French. I’ve also studied Spanish, and my Spanish listening and reading comprehension are strong although I’ve been told I speak Spanish with a French accent. Some of my lesser ambitions include: learning how to drive a manual shift (surely an anachronism given the advent of self-driving cars), growing a subsistence-level vegetable garden, becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and completing a wilderness survival course.

My current hobbies include: local travel (hopefully more foreign travel soon!), playing Anthony Bourdain in my own neighborhood, and collecting academic conference badges (not really).